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Love it! Hope to see more in the future!

It's a very cute game and I really enjoyed it! I would definitely download it in the app store. I cannot wait to see more, keep up the excellent work!!


Super cute and definitely something to do while on the train, etc. Enjoyed this game and you should consider publishing it to the App Store / Google Play!

Thanks for playing! That's the plan when the game is done!

Nice and simple game, combine in a good way the memory element and the rouguelike exploration! nice idea, i love it! Works well i don't found any bug. Keep working is a good project!

Thanks for playing! Glad you got through it without trouble :)

Not loading, tried both Chrome and Ffx. Also the screen appears to be too high for evena  full-screen browser. Maybe make it a download? Or check what's not loading?

Hey! I tested it on multiple devices and they all work on browsers. Not sure why you are running into those issues. I'll try to make a downloadable version once I've finished the next update.

It loaded now! Idk what happened previously

Simple but super fun, hope to see more in the future :>


Lovely little game! I've run into a little bug where the only responding button is "exit area". Also is tippy allowed to be refueled only once?

Thanks for playing and thanks for reporting the bug. For now, yes, the trinkets only work once, but I am making them up-gradable in the future.

Real fun. I've been playing this in between drawing projects. I would love this on iOS. Good job. 

Thanks for playing! I am trying to source an iphone so I can make builds for it.


Very cute mechanics- the 'light/torch' going out is a cute way to add a timer in a thematic way. Looking forward to seeing more of it as you develop the final product!

Thanks for playing!

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Very cool idea and graphic! But there is no sounds =(

thanks for playing! sorry, but I haven't had time to add sounds yet.